For Danny Ellis and the SkySpecs team, adding Arcadia as an employee benefit is more than just a workplace perk, it’s a way to stay true to their company mission.

You could say that wind energy is a way of life for the SkySpecs team, which has inspected over 36,000 wind turbines over the last three years. Using specialized drones and software, SkySpecs is revolutionizing the wind industry’s ability to identify and fix costly problems before they happen. But the team doesn’t just support the industry while on the job; they also support wind energy from home.

Recently, SkySpecs added Arcadia to the list of perks offered to employees. For team members who make the switch to Arcadia’s 100% wind plan, SkySpecs covers the extra cost on their bill.

“Having SkySpecs pick up the difference as a company benefit is awesome.”

Employee benefit programs like the one with SkySpecs are just one way that Arcadia is working with companies to build on their brand’s clean energy commitments while giving back to employees. In select states, Arcadia also offers cost-cutting benefit programs that connect employees to local community solar projects. The program helps employees save on their energy bills while enabling the company to track and report on the clean energy impact from employees who enroll.

For SkySpecs CEO, Danny Ellis, it’s a partnership that just makes sense given the company’s mission and values. “We thought that was a pretty cool way to say our company is helping the wind industry and being powered by wind,” he says.

And it’s one that his employees appreciate, too. “As someone who works in the wind industry and believes in renewables, having an easy platform to source wind energy for our home via Arcadia is great,” says Jeremy Lindbauer, an enterprise sales representative at SkySpecs. “But justifying the added cost of 100% wind energy wasn’t exactly a no-brainer for our household. Having SkySpecs pick up the difference as a company benefit is awesome.”

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