Our partners

As partners, we’ll help provide your community — whether it’s your employees, customers, or tenants — with exclusive access to clean energy projects, savings, and other benefits.

Let’s work together
It’s a great perk for your community but there’s a lot in it for you, too.
Community engagement
Added revenue
Emissions offsetting
Brand sentiment
Impact reporting
Talent acquisition

There’s power in partnering

We work with trusted names in energy, technology, finance, social impact, and more to create tailored partnerships that benefit people and the planet.

Offer employees a new workplace perk

Delight your employees (and prospective talent) with a perk that benefits their families and the environment.

For the SkySpecs team, adding Arcadia as an employee benefit is more than just a workplace perk, it’s a way to stay true to their company mission.

Live up to corporate sustainability promises

Increase brand sentiment by lowering your company’s carbon footprint. Get data-driven reporting on your company’s reduction of scope three emissions.

Earn money through an affiliate partnership

Get paid every time your customers join Arcadia. It’s a triple win — provide value to your customers, earn additional revenue for your company, and empower climate action for our planet.

Offer your residents a unique amenity

Differentiate your property management company and buildings by providing seamless clean energy access to residents.

Help your EV customers charge with clean energy

Provide your EV owners and customers with exclusive access to carbon-free charging.

Audi partners with Arcadia to offer their E-tron owners with a 10-year membership to an Arcadia community solar project. E-tron owners get up to 2,400 miles worth of charge off their energy bill each year.

Arcadia partners with the electric vehicle charging platform, Everon, to make charging electric vehicles with renewable energy convenient and affordable.