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  • Power your home with 100% clean energy
  • Free 30 day trial, $5/month after
  • Get a $125 Reformation e-gift card
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Sign up for Arcadia and connect your utility account to our secure platform. Everyone is eligible.

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Enter your payment preferences to pay your utility bill through Arcadia. Your utility will still deliver your energy but now your monthly bill will support clean wind and solar energy projects every month.

Get a $125 Reformation e-gift card

Now that your utility bill is more sustainable, your wardrobe should be too. Once you’re connected to clean energy with Arcadia, Reformation will send you a $125 e-gift card, which you can use in-store or online.

Please note, it takes about 14 days for e-gift card processing and delivery.

Every member drives change

I was looking into solar panels but was concerned, as a renter, what my landlord would say. As soon as I learned about Arcadia, I knew that this was going to be the easiest clean energy option for me.
Arcadia is a way to show up for a value of mine, which is to support alternative energy systems. It is a small part of what I can do to do better by my community, which feels really good.
Signing up for Arcadia was super easy — I was able to join a community solar project in my state in just one click. Plus, it’s really easy to use, and it’s clear for me as a consumer to understand what is going on.
Rhode Island

About Reformation

Reformation is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that proves fast fashion and sustainability can coexist, infusing green measures into every aspect of the brand, from repurposed vintage pieces and sustainable fabrics to eco-friendly packaging. Reformation has established itself as a pioneer not only through its direct-to-consumer business, but bricks and mortar retail as well, developing an in-store tech concept that brings the best of the online experience to its 13 physical doors across the US. Providing stylish, eco-conscious products across apparel, accessories, denim, bridal, outerwear, swim, intimates and more, Reformation is the go-to brand for women who want to look beautiful and live sustainably.